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Nursing homes are expensive; currently the average cost of skilled nursing care in Indiana is around $170 per day. Medicare and health insurance usually pays very little toward this cost, so without proper planning, financial disaster is possible. One way to avoid that is by complicated and expensive trust planning to make an individual eligible for Medicaid, which does pay for nursing home expenses. Let us discuss with you whether Medicaid planning may truly be needed in your situation and work with a referred attorney to implement this as part of your overall estate plan. During our free consultation on your overall estate plan, we can explain the various options available to you.


Why would I need Medicaid Planning?

One of the biggest fears that older adults have, is the fear they will end up in a nursing home. The simple fact is that a lot of older people do end up in a nursing home for one reason or another. Being in a nursing home not only means a great loss of your personal autonomy, but it also comes with a huge financial price tag.


The Medicaid planning attorneys at Perry Law Office can help you preserve your estate and assets for your loved ones.


Unfortunately, most people end up paying for nursing home care out of their personal savings until it runs out. Then you may be forced to sell off your home or other assets to cover the cost. When your assets are gone, you will qualify for Medicaid.


Careful planning, whether in advance or in response to an unanticipated need for care, can help protect you or a loved one's estate. There is a 5 year look back period, which means to fully protect your estate you should make appropriate plans 5 plus years in advance. In most cases, the need for a nursing home is unknown. It could happen any day or never happen. Call Perry Law Office to discuss your options and start protecting your estate for your loved ones.


Preparing in advance can mean that you quickly qualify for Medicaid benefits and do not deplete your entire estate first.


Elder Law & Medicaid Planning Attorneys in Fort Wayne

We understand that providing general rules for guidelines for Medicaid Planning is difficult because every client's case and needs are different. Some may have more savings or income than others. Some are married, while others are single. Some have family support and others may not. Some own their own homes, while others rent. The experienced staff and attorneys at Perry Law Office in Fort Wayne can help you plan and organize your estate to provide the most protection for you.


For more information see our FAQ on Medicaid Planning


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